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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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I have added a large number of resources to my Website for the benefit of the biotech community in Seattle and surrounding areas. I hope you find these helpful. Click on the links below to go to the hyperlinked lists on the indicated pages. Please contact me if there are additional resources you would like to see added.

Seattle (NW) biotechnology companies, both public and private. I've also made a separate list organizing these companies by the technology that they use (if identifiable) e.g. monoclonal antibody companies.

Seattle (NW) medical technology companies, including diagnostic companies and service providers.

Seattle (NW) non-profit biomedical research organizations; also includes a list of non-profit biotech companies around the world.

Seattle area medical illustrators and graphic artists

Seattle (NW) industrial design firms (product design for medical devices)

talented biopharma consultants who can help you with issues such as grant writing, legal issues, patent law, patient advocacy, regulatory affairs, biotechnology information services, and business and corporate development and alliance management.

Two other Seattle resources, which don’t fit so easily into my other categories here:
Cambia Grove, which is a community space in Seattle for health care innovation, and Primary Care Innovations, which is a program at the U. Washington that helps with the “design, development, testing and implementation of new technologies and innovations in primary care.”

A history of drug development in Seattle, which I originally wrote in 2010 for the Xconomy website and updated in 2015.

Seattle Biotech Graveyard list, chronicling the fate of biotech companies in our area that are no longer with us because they were acquired or went out of business.

Job seekers: I suggest you look at the listings on one of three websites: Life Science Washington (formerly known as the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association prior to 2016) and for a list of bioscience positions in the Puget Sound area and WA State. You can also look at Fierce Publications Life Sciences Job Network. For women looking to help promote inclusivity and diversity in the scientific community, and for career development support and resources, check out 500 Women Scientists, which has a Seattle group.

For High School students with an interest in biotechnology, Shoreline Community College’s PROJECT BIOTECH summer camps provide extensive lab and computer activities as well as the opportunity to meet local scientists, experience Shoreline Community College facilities, and interact with experienced Biotechnology Program staff. These are week-long explorations of biotechnology and DNA sequencing! Click on this
link to learn more about this wonderful opportunity!