Below is a list of WA State biotechnology companies that (in theory) should have been eligible for the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants. The official IRS list of winning WA State companies can be found here; a list of awards for all 50 states can be found here. Companies listed in red are those that won awards. Not included below are biotech companies headquartered in WA State but were too large to be eligible to win awards, such as Dendreon and Seattle Genetics. Also not included below are companies with a presence in WA State, but with headquarters elsewhere, such as Amgen, Genzyme, and Gilead (all 3 were also too large to qualify for these grants). Finally, also not included on this list are companies that won awards, but I have been unable to confirm their presence in WA State. These include Rhine Pharmaceuticals and Inimex Pharmaceuticals. Overall, it appears that 37 out of 90, or 41% of the companies listed were successful in getting one or more awards. I should also note that that a greater number (40) of the awards were won by medical technology companies (not listed here) and not the more traditional drug developing biotech companies.

Acucela - Drug therapies for blinding eye diseases
Adaptive TCR - Focus on T-cell diversity, adaptive immune response
Aequus BioPharma - Genetic polymer technology for biologics
Ajuga Biosciences - Developing terpene based chemicals from mint
Alder Biopharmaceuticals - Yeast monoclonals to treat diseases
Algomedix - Focused on developing medicines for chronic pain
Allozyne - Protein modification technology to make proteins
Aminex Therapeutics - Developing inhibitors of polyamine pathway
Amkor Pharma - Virtual biotech, clinical focus on neuroprotection
Arrowsmith Technologies - Antibodies trap chemo for brain cancer
Artemisia BioMedical - Novel artemisinin-based therapeutics
Arzeda - Uses computational approaches to make novel enzymes
Ave Maria (AVM) Biotech - Working on ethical human therapeutics
AVI Biopharma - RNA therapeutics for MD, restenosis, viruses
Beat BioTherapeutics - Working on repairing damaged hearts with stem cells
Bio Architecture Lab - Spinoff from David Baker's lab at the UW
Calcionics - Peptide therapeutics targeting calcification
Calistoga Pharmaceuticals - Developing PI3 kinase inhibitors
Cancer Targeted Technology - Unique enzyme inhibitors
Cardeas Pharma - New startup of entrepreneur Bruce Montgomery
Cellcyte Genetics - Stem cell expansion bioreactor technology
Cell Therapeutics Inc - Biologics and small molecules for cancer
CG Therapeutics - Anti-human chorionic gonadotropin vaccines
CisThera - Drugs for cancer, autoimmune disease, and others
Cocrystal Discovery - Small molecule anti-viral drugs
CompleGen - Functional genetics for drug discovery
Coronado Biosciences - Clinical stage cancer care company
Covance - Acquired Rosetta's gene expression laboratory
Emerald Biostructures - Contract protein crystallization services
Etubics - Developing vector vaccines for infectious diseases
Floragenex - SNP discovery and genotyping in plants
Halo-Bio - Novel asymmetric RNAi therapeutics
Helix BioMedix - Bioactive peptides for skin disorders, infections
HemaQuest - Developing therapeutics for blood diseases
Icogenex - Drug discovery via high throughput proteomic screens
Ikaria - Focus on metabolic depression and critical care medicine
ImaRxTherapeutics - Blood clot dissolving technology
Imdaptive - Profiles changes in the adaptive immune system
Immune Design - Developing therapeutics for infectious diseases
Immusoft - Technology platform to reprogram the immune system
Implicit Bioscience - Small molecule dipeptides as anti-microbials
Indel Therapeutics - Working on novel antibiotics
ISM Therapeutics - Therapeutics based on inositol signaling
Kaleetan Pharmaceuticals - Vaccine focused startup
KinDex Therapeutics - Focus on metabolic regulatory networks
Kineta - Small molecule drugs that enhance immunity
Koronis - Developing anti-viral drugs via viral decay methodologies
Light Sciences Oncology - Light activated oncology products
Marina Biotech - (formerly MDRNA) RNAi based company
Mediquest Therapeutics - Topical treatments for diseases
Microsoft Amalga Life Sciences - Life sciences software business
Mirina - Uses microRNA to develop new drugs
Najit - Diagnostics, vaccines for developing countries; in Portland
North Coast Biologics - Rabbit high-affinity antibody based drugs
NW Biotherapeutics - Dendritic cell based cancer vaccines
Obenomics - Small molecule approach to treating obesity
Omeros - Clinical stage company, focus is on inflammation, CNS
Oncogenex - Small molecule based oncology drug pipeline
OncoMed Pharma - Therapies directed at cancer stem cells
Oncothyreon (formerly Biomira) - Oncology drugs and vaccines
Onkor Pharmaceuticals - Virtual company making cancer drugs
Pacific Northwest Biotechnology - Small molecule drug discovery
PharmIn - Copolymer drug delivery platform technology
PharmSelex - Developing G-protein coupled receptor based drugs
PhaseRx - Multi-functional polymers to aid drug delivery
Poniard (was NeoRx) - Developing oncology products; HQ in CA
Presage Therapeutics - Screen cancer drugs in vivo for efficacy
Procyte - Skin care products using copper peptide technology
ProFibrix - Drugs for hemostasis and regenerative medicine
ProteoTech - Small molecule development for amyloid diseases
Protein Advances Inc - Bioinformatics based vaccine discovery
Qwell - Developing small molecule drugs from plant sources
Recodagen - Targets mechanisms that allow cancer metastasis
Scolr Pharma - Controlled drug delivery technology development
Seattle Life Sciences - Zymogenetics spin-off in 2009
Seredigm - Biological therapeutics for ischemia/reperfusion injury
Sound Pharmaceuticals - Drugs to prevent hearing loss
Syntrix Biosystems - Novel therapeutics and research platforms
TapImmune - Developing vaccines for oncology and infections
Theraclone Sciences (was Spaltudaq) - Therapeutic antibodies
TherEpi Corporation - Epigenetic drug discovery focus
The Gene Pool, Inc - Molecular locks based drug discovery
Trubion (now Emergent BioSolutions)
VentiRx - Developing new small molecule drugs for cancer, ID
Visient Therapeutics - Vision focused subsidiary of Light Sciences
VLST - Discovers new drug targets based on virus interactions
WA 32609 - Holding company, acquired ischemic stroke therapy
Xori - Making antibodies in chicken cells for faster, cheaper drugs