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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Bias and Self-Delusion Are A Problem In Both Politics and Science

Coarse adjectives get tossed around the political arena as politicians and pundits try to score points with their supporters. This person is a moron, that one’s an idiot, and so and so is such an imbecile. These three adjectives are nowadays used as interchangeable insults, but what most people don’t understand is that these words used to have distinct scientific definitions in the (now discredited) field of eugenics. Eugenics, which was purported over a century ago to be a legitimate science, was later recognized as nothing more than a house of racial and ethnic bias constructed on a shaky foundation of non-rigorously collected “data” that didn’t stand up to careful scrutiny. “Data” were found and adjusted to fit this theory, rather than gathering up facts and then building a concept around them. Bias often lurks at the core of the thought process used by both politicians and scientists. Before going further, let me be crystal clear about one thing: while both groups suffer from biased thinking, it manifests itself in completely different ways.