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This page details the fates of a number of Seattle or NW based biotech companies that are no longer with us because they were acquired, merged, or folded:

Afya World Medicines merged into IDRI in 2008
Alcide was bought out by Ecolab in 2004
Amnis, maker of quantitative flow cytometry imaging systems, is being acquired by EMD Millipore in 2011
Amp Orthopedics appears to have gone out of business maybe in 2013?
Archus Orthopedics
ran out of money in September 2009
Argus Genetics LLC, a provider of dog breed DNA testing services, was spun out of the FHCRC and then sold their technology (Wisdom Panel MX) to Mars in 2005
Ascentia Biomedical Corp. did a reverse merger with Fortress Technology Systems in 2006 and changed its name to Duncan Technology Group
Berlex, the US subsidiary of Schering AG, bought Immunex's Leukine in 2002 when Immunex was bought by Amgen. Berlex (as part of Schering AG) was then acquired by Bayer in 2006, who subsequently sold Leukine to Genzyme in 2009
Bristol Meyers Pharmaceutical Research Institute had a site in Seattle, but it was closed down in 1997
Blue Heron Biotechnology was acquired by OriGene Technologies in 2010
Calcionics was developing peptide therapeutics targeting calcification, but it appears to have gone out of business by 2012
Calypso Medical Technologies was acquired by Varian Medical Systems in Sept. 2011
Calistoga Pharmaceuticals
was acquired by Gilead in 2011
Clarisonic, maker of the Clarisonic skin brush, was acquired by L’Oreal in 2011
CDR Therapeutics went out of business
lost a patent lawsuit to Becton Dickinson in 1997. They were forced to divest their Ceprate column to BD, and then went under in 1998
Ceptyr was developing protein tyrosine phosphatase based drugs and went out of business
CG Therapeutics, a cancer vaccine company, went out of business around 2012-2013
Columbia Northwest Pharmaceuticals (suicide prevention) shut down their website and likely went out of business in 2012
Combimatrix is shutting down its operations in Mukilteo in 2010 and moving to Irvine, CA to focus on diagnostics
Confirma, Inc., a maker of computer-assisted detecting (CAD) technology for medical imaging was acquired by Merge Healthcare in 2009
was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in 2006
Corus was acquired by Gilead Sciences in 2006
Cytopeia was purchased by Becton Dickinson in 2008
Darwin Molecular was acquired by Chiroscience in 1996. Chiroscience then merged with Celltech in 1999. Celltech was purchased by UCB in 2004
Dharma Therapeutics was developing a needle free drug and vaccine delivery system, but they seem to have gone out of business
Eden Bioscience Corp., an agricultural biotech, will be dissolved and liquidated in 2009
Elanex Pharmaceuticals went out of business
Emergent Detection, who was working on developing a personal fat burn manager, has gone out of business
Epigenomics is closing down in Seattle and moving to the East coast in 2012
Epoch Pharmaceuticals merged into Nanogen in 2004
Fabion Pharmaceuticals - Developing bispecific antibodies to treat cancer; appears to have moved to CA
Generic Medical Devices website disappeared sometime in 2012 and they presumably are out of business
Genetic Systems
was acquired by Bristol Meyers in 1987 for $310M
Geospiza made software for DNA analysis and lab management; acquired by Perkin Elmer 5-5-11
GPC-Rx (later named PharmSelex) was launched by Accelerator in 2008 and later shut down
HemaQuest left Seattle in 2010 and moved to San Diego; it shuttered operations in early 2014
Homestead Clinical, another Accelerator company, folded in 200?
Icos was acquired by Eli Lilly in 2006 for $2.2B
ID Biomedical, a Vancouver BC based vaccine maker, had a manufacturing facility in Bothell; it was acquired by Glaxo Smith Kline in 2005
Imre changed its focus and its name to Cypress Bioscience in 1996 and moved to San Diego, and was then bought out by Royalty Pharma in Jan. 2011
Immunex was acquired by Amgen in 2002 for $10B. It's first drug Leukine was sold off to Berlex in 2002; Berlex was later acquired by Bayer, and Bayer sold Leukine to Genzyme in March 2009
Innovative Pulmonary Solutions, a developer of treatments for COPD, moved to Minnesota in 2013
Inson Medical Systems, focused on biomedical drug delivery, appears to have gone out of business
Light Sciences was acquired by Light Sciences Oncology in 2006
Lumera had a microarray technology and transferred its assets to Plexera in 200?
Luminary Medical Technologies was working on macular degeneration but appears to have gone out of business
Mediquest Therapeutics website link was abandoned and presumably the company went out of business in 2012
Microsoft Amalga Life Sciences - Life sciences software business was sold off to Caridigm
Molecumetics, a subsidiary of Tredegar Industries, went out of business in ???
Nastech changed its scientific focus away from nasal based drug deliver and spun off MDRNA in late 2007. MDRNA then combined with Cequent Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge in 2010 to form Marina Biotech - (formerly MDRNA) RNAi based company, ceased most operations as of 6-1-12
MitoGuard Neuroscience - Photobiomodulation device company apparently disappeared in 2012
NeoRx changed its name to Poniard in 2006 and moved its HQ to CA.
Nura was acquired by Omeros in 2006
Oculon was acquired by Pharmos Corp. in 1995
Oncogen was acquired by Bristol Myers in 1986
Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, maker of the Clarisonic skin care system; is being acquired in 2011 by L’Oreal USA
PathoGenesis was acquired by Chiron/Novartis in 2000 for $660M
Pathway Medical Technologies, maker of devices to treat arterial diseases, was acquired in 2011 by Bayer’s Medrad unit
Plexera Bioscience developed a surface plasmon resonance analysis system but was shut down by Lumera in 2008. Assets were sold to Plexera LLC in 2009, which continues to make a proteomic processor system but is no longer based in the NW
Poniard (see NeoRx above)
Pregenen was bought by bluebird bio in June 2014
Primal - Focus on G-protein coupled receptors; it was folded into Nura in 2004,which in turn was acquired by Omeros in 2006
Promentix was developing Alzheimer’s disease therapies, but was unable to raise capital and folded
Rasiris - Montana company developing breast cancer drugs disappeared ???
Receptagen Ltd
became Spantel Communications in 2001
Receptech Corp. was spun out from Immunex as a SWORD company in 1989 and was then re-acquired in 1992
started in 2001 went out of business sometime after 2003
Rhizogenics Corp. on Bainbridge went out of business
Ricerca Biosciences, which had purchased MDS Pharma Services in March 2010; was purchased by Euofins Panlabs in 2012 (?)
Rosetta Inpharmatics was closed down by Merck in 2009
Sarepta Therapeutics (formerly AVI BioPharma) - worked on RNA therapeutics for MD, restenosis, viruses; moved to Boston in Aug. 2012
Scolr Pharma, which worked on controlled drug delivery technology development, appears to have gone out of business in 2014
Sonosite, maker of handheld ultrasound scanners; is being acquired by and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujifilm
Sonos Pharmaceuticals merged with Canada’s OncoGenex Technologies to form Oncogenex in 2008
Spiration was acquired by Olympus in 2010
Targeted Genetics merged with Biocontrol and changed its name and scientific focus to AmpliPhi Biosciences in 2011; HQ now in London
Teranode Corp was acquired by Rage Frameworks in 2010
TherEpi Corporation - Epigenetic drug discovery focus company was either bought out or acquired
Trubion accepted an acquisition offer by Emergent BioSolutions in August 2010; the acquisition closed Oct. 28, 2010
Vascular Reconditioning was acquired by Light Sciences Oncology in 2006
VieVax folded in 200?
Visient Therapeutics - Vision focused subsidiary of Light Sciences didn’t make it
VizX's software product GeneSifter was sold off to Geospiza in 2008, and VizX shut down
VLST shut down in 2013 without having advanced a single drug into clinical trials during 9 years; focused on finding new drug targets based on virus interactions
Xcyte Therapies
merged into Cyclacel in 2005
ZetaRx was folded into Juno Therapeutics when it launched in 2014
ZymoGenetics accepted an acquisition offer by Bristol-Myers Squibb in September 2010 and is no longer an independent company; the deal closed Oct. 12, 2010

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