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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Below I have sorted Seattle area biotechnology companies by technology classes. Viewing the companies this way helps illustrate the various approaches being used to tackle different diseases:

AmpliPhi - Seattle office of London based bacteriophage company for bacterial infections
Cardeas Pharma - New startup of entrepreneur Bruce Montgomery; inhaled antibiotics

Biologics (Peptides/Proteins)
- Portland based anti-inflammatory peptide developer
Anergix LLC - Developing peptide delivery MS treatments; admin office in Seattle
Artielle Immunotherapeutics - Targets CD74 for autoimmunity in OR
Arzeda - Uses computational approach to make novel enzymes
Blaze Bioscience - Developing a “paint” to identify tumor cells
Bullet Biopharma - Start-up focused on the development of a proprietary platform, the BBP protein scaffold domain
CMC ICOS Biologics - contract biologics manufacturing
Compliment Corp - Novel engineered proteins derived from the non-immunogenic portion of adenoviruses that increase the efficacy and decrease the toxicity of widely used cancer therapies
Gamma Therapeutics - Drugs and diagnostics platform built around clotting protein gamma prime fibrinogen
Genzyme - Manufactures and sells Leukine in US, HQ in MA
Glycostasis Inc. - Focused on a protein that binds and releases insulin
Helix BioMedix - Bioactive peptides for skin disorders, infections
Icogenex - Working to identify molecules for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
Implicit Bioscience - Small molecule dipeptides as anti-microbials
Novo Nordisk - Branch of Danish pharma focusing on immunity
ProFibrix - Drugs for hemostasis and regenerative medicine
Promentix - Developing Alzheimer's disease therapies
Resolve Therapeutics - Start up developing a protein based drug to treat lupus
Seredigm - Biological therapeutics for ischemia/reperfusion injury

Computational Biology/Software
Adaptive TCR - Focus on T-cell diversity, adaptive immune response
Arzeda - Uses computational approach to make novel enzymes
Covance - Acquired Rosetta's gene expression laboratory
Floragenex - SNP discovery and genotyping in plants
Microsoft Amalga Life Sciences - Life sciences software business
Spiral Genetics - Open source based bioinformatics products
Zymeworks - BC based computational biology drug platform

Gene Focused (Gene Therapy/Antisense/RNA Interference)
Alpine Biosciences - Immunotherapy startup
Groove Biopharma (formerly Mirina) - Uses microRNA to develop new drugs
Halo-Bio - Novel asymmetric RNAi therapeutics
MDRNA (formerly Nastech) - RNAi based company
Immune Design - Developing therapeutics for infectious diseases
Immusoft - Technology platform to reprogram the immune system
Mirina - Uses microRNA to develop new drugs
Rain Bioscience - Developing drugs for difficult to treat diseases using a delivery technology for RNA-targeting oligomers
Tekmira - RNAi drugs for cancer and cholesterol; BC based

Immunotherapy Approaches
Aptevo - Emergent BioSolutions spin-off using technology acquired by purchasing Trubion
Epithany - Immunotherapy startup to commercialize work of Nora Disis for cancer therapies
Etubics - Developing vector vaccines for infectious diseases
Immune Design - Developing therapeutics for infectious diseases
Juno Therapeutics - Seattle/NY immunotherapy startup launched with $120M
Seagen - Monoclonal antibodies with attached toxins for cancer treatment

Monoclonal Antibodies or Antibody Derivatives
Absci - Portland based company develops and produces monoclonal antibodies
Alder Biopharmaceuticals - Yeast monoclonals to treat diseases
Akeaso Immunotherapeutics - Focused on development antibody drug conjugates to modify the behavior of inflammatory lymphocytes
Arrowsmith Technologies - Antibodies trap chemo for brain cancer
CisThera - Drugs for cancer, autoimmune disease, and others
Emergent BioSolutions - Developing small modular immunopharmaceuticals
Fabion Pharmaceuticals - Developing bispecific antibodies to treat cancer
North Coast Biologics - Rabbit high-affinity antibody based drugs
Oncofactor - Accelerator startup focused on novel cancer therapy
PharmAthene - Merging with Theraclone in 2013; will focus on antibody drug development and vaccines; HQ in Seattle
Seattle Genetics - Monoclonal antibodies for cancer treatment
SystImmune - Newly established antibody therapeutics company
Theraclone Sciences (was Spaltudaq) - Therapeutic antibodies for pandemic and seasonal influenza
V-Gene - Antibody based drug development
Zymeworks - BC based computational biology drug platform for creating antibodies and protein therapeutics

Modification of Existing Drugs/Drug Delivery Systems
Aequus BioPharma - Genetic polymer technology for biologics
Mediquest Therapeutics - Topical treatments for diseases
PharmIn - Copolymer drug delivery platform technology
PhaseRx - Multi-functional polymers to aid drug delivery
Scolr Pharma - Controlled drug delivery technology development

Phytelligence - Fruit plantlet genetics and propagation

Renewable Fuels
Matrix Genetics - Engineering blue green algae to make renewable fuels

Small Molecules
Acucela - Drug therapies for blinding eye diseases
Ajuga Biosciences - Developing terpene based chemicals from mint
Algomedix - Focused on developing small molecule medicines for chronic pain
Aminex Therapeutics - Developing inhibitors of polyamine pathway
Arbutus Biopharma (formerly Tekmira) - BC developer of antiviral drugs
Artemisia BioMedical - Novel artemisinin-based therapeutics
Athira Pharma - Regulating protein-protein interactions for treating Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases
Cancer Targeted Technology - Unique small molecule enzyme inhibitors
Cascade ProDrug - In Eugene, developing vinca alkaloid derivatives as anticancer treatments
Cascadian Therapeutics (formerly Oncothyreon, and before that, Biomira) - Oncology drugs
CTI Biopharma (formerly Cell Therapeutics Inc) - Biologics and small molecules for cancer
Celator Pharmaceutics - BC based created of combination oncology products
Cocrystal Discovery - Small molecule anti-viral drugs
CompleGen - Functional genetics for drug discovery
DesignMedix - Portland based drug combination company
Dimera - Portland based, discovering novel medical concepts
Faraday Pharmaceuticals - Elemental reducing agents for protection against reperfusion injury
Genoa Pharmaceuticals - Inhaled drugs for respiratory diseases

Gilead - Lung disease discovery group in Seattle; HQ in CA
GPC-Rx - Developing G-protein coupled receptor based drugs
Icogenex - Drug discovery via high throughput proteomic screens
Indel Therapeutics - Working on novel antibiotics
ISM Therapeutics - Therapeutics based on inositol signaling
KinDex Therapeutics - Focus on metabolic regulatory networks
Kineta - Small molecule drugs that enhance immunity
Koronis - Developing anti-viral drugs via viral decay methodologies
Light Sciences Oncology - Light activated oncology products
Metheor Therapeutics - Developing small molecule inhibitors of DNA methyltransferases
NeuMedics - Developing drug to prevent Azheimer’s symptoms
Obenomics - Small molecule approach to treating obesity

Omeros - Clinical stage company, focus on inflammation, CNS
Oncogenex - Small molecule based oncology drug pipeline
Oncotherapy Solutions LLC - Developing anti-cancer drugs for solid tumors
Onkor Pharmaceuticals - Virtual company making cancer drugs
Oricula Therapeutics - Developing medicines to protect hearing
Pacific Northwest Biotechnology - Small molecule drug discovery
ProteoTech - Small molecule development for amyloid diseases
Qwell - Developing small molecule drugs from plant sources
RJS Biologics - Adds affinity-tags to drive therapeutic compounds into cancer cells
Sound Pharmaceuticals - Drugs to prevent hearing loss
Stella Therapeutics - Developing a treatment for glioblastoma multiforme
Syntrix Biosystems - Novel therapeutics and research platforms for treating pain

Stem Cells
Ave Maria (AVM) Biotech - Working on ethical human therapeutics
Beat BioTherapeutics - Repair damaged hearts with stem cells
Cellcyte Genetics - Stem cell expansion bioreactor technology
Fate Therapeutics - Stem cell based therapies with HQ in CA
OncoMed Pharma - Therapies directed at cancer stem cells
Universal Cells - Off the shelf universal donor stem cells

Vaccines (infectious Disease/Cancer)
Dendreon - Vaccines for prostate cancer and other cancers
Emergent BioSolutions - Developing small modular immunopharmaceuticals acquired from Trubion as well as vaccines
Etubics - Developing vector vaccines for infectious diseases
Immune Design - Developing therapeutics for infectious diseases
Kaleetan Pharmaceuticals - Vaccine focused startup
LigoCyte Therapeutics - Vaccine technologies based in MT
MalorVx - Novel vaccine approaches to eradicate malaria
Najit - Diagnostics, vaccines for developing countries; in Portland

NW Biotherapeutics - Dendritic cell based cancer vaccines
TapImmune -
Developing vaccines for oncology and infections
TomegaVax - Developing vaccines and immunotherapies for viral infections in Beaverton, OR
TRIA Biosciences - Advancing innovative treatments for infection and chronic disease
UbiVac - Portland based developer of therapeutic vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases
Virvio - Working on the development of novel computationally designed proteins to treat influenza

Virtual Companies (Minimal staff; most work contracted out)
Amkor Pharma - Virtual biotech, clinical focus on neuroprotection
Onkor Pharmaceuticals - Virtual company making cancer drugs

Not Able to Classify - Insufficient Technology Description
Allon Therapeutics - Focus on neurodegenerative diseases in BC
Artielle Immunotherapeutics - Therapies for autoimmunity in OR
Bio Architecture Lab - Spinoff from David Baker's lab at the UW is engaged in the development of low cost, scalable, and sustainable biomass
Cascadia Life Sciences - Unknown focus
Imdaptive - Profiles changes in the adaptive immune system
ISM Therapeutics - Therapeutics based on inositol signaling
KinDex Therapeutics - Focus on metabolic regulatory networks
Mediquest Therapeutics - Topical treatments for diseases
Mitotherix - FHCRC spinoff working on anti-cancer therapies
Novo Nordisk Obesity Research Unit - Opening in Seattle 2015
Pembient - Bioengineering wildlife products in order to save wildlife
Presage Therapeutics - Screen cancer drugs in vivo for efficacy
Procyte - Skin care products using copper peptide technology
Rasiris - Montana company developing breast cancer drugs
Recodagen - Targets mechanisms that allow cancer metastasis
Revalesio Corporation - Developing treatments for inflammatory disease
Seattle Life Sciences - Zymogenetics spin-off in 2009
TherEpi Corporation - Epigenetic drug discovery focus
The Gene Pool, Inc - Molecular locks based drug discovery
Valocor Therapeutics - BC based dermatology drug developer
Visient Therapeutics - Vision focused subsidiary of Light Sciences
Viva Biopharm - Manufacturing plant in Blaine for BC company
VentiRx - Developing drugs for cancer, infectious diseases
Virtici Corporation - Startup with an unknown plan

WA 32609 - Holding company, acquired ischemic stroke therapy