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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Management of Scientific Interactions: How to Facilitate Successful Research Collaborations and Alliances.
As a researcher I set up about 150 collaborations with other academic and industry scientists around the globe. Later in my career, I ran Immunex Corporation’s Extramural Research Program for four years. My group was responsible for overseeing some 2500 research collaborations during that time as well as distributing over 1000 distinct reagents to more than 1000 scientific institutions worldwide. I know how to set up, manage, and organize collaborations that can provide critical data to your laboratory or organization. Click here to read about my seminar presentations on this topic for people in either industry or academia. I have also posted a white paper that outlines the many benefits to be gained by research collaborations. Alternatively, you can read some of my published articles that I have written about key issues that increase the probability that your research collaborations will be successful.

Technology Assessment and Data Review, With a General Focus in Oncology Research. I also Concentrate on the Use of Soluble Receptors and their Ligands. With thirty one years of experience in biotechnology as a scientist, director, and consultant, I can provide you with valuable insights as to what will and won’t work in your experimental programs. I can help you define critical experiments needed to make the key decisions on your projects. I review data to ensure that the proper controls are included and can point out other interpretations of the data that are often overlooked due to investigator bias. I review presentations for venture capitalists, the FDA, or scientific meetings to make sure that the data are clearly presented and the conclusions are well supported and properly communicated. I also spent 4 years reviewing in-licensing proposals at Immunex. I can help you review proposals that you have received as part of your due diligence. As a scientist, I worked on the characterization of a number of these receptors, including c-kit, flt3, KDR, v-fms, IL-4, and many others. In addition, my group identified ligands for the c-kit, flt3, elk, and CD7 receptors. I hold 28 US patents in this area and authored or co-authored 129 publications in scientific journals on this topic. My advice on developing either soluble receptors or ligands for these receptors should enable you to avoid pitfalls on your way to the clinic.

Strategic Research Planning and Competitive Analysis. Put my extensive industry experience to work for you. Where do your drug development programs stand compared to your competitors? Do you have a clear strategy in place for deciding which molecules to pursue aggressively, and which to move to the back burner? I can help you make clear, rational decisions about your research and development programs. Perhaps you are simply looking to obtain an independent opinion that is not tied to existing company dogma. I can review your current data and future plans to help you decide the best path for moving forward. Research budgets have never been tighter than they are today, so gathering key data is critically important whether you are a startup or an established multi-national pharmaceutical corporation. Review my list of clients and you will see that my skills have been engaged by organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-national pharmaceutical companies. Albert Einstein said it very well "A clever person solves a problem; a wise person avoids it". Let my advice help you steer clear of setbacks that could derail your research programs.