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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Stewart Lyman, Ph.D, has over 40 years’ experience in research and biotechnology. In 2004 he started Lyman BioPharma Consulting LLC to offer three primary services: (1) advice on how to set up and run successful collaborations with outside investigators, either academic or in industry; (2) technology and science assessment, with a special focus in oncology and on developing agonists and antagonists for tyrosine kinase and other receptors, and (3) strategic research planning and competitive analysis. He also vets start-up companies by reviewing both their data and their technologies.
At present he is only offering services in the first category, help with collaborations.

Dr. Lyman joined Immunex Corporation in 1988 as a molecular biologist and continuously assumed greater scientific responsibility during his 14 year tenure. Within a year of joining the company he initiated the largest research project in Immunex's history, Receptors in Search of Ligands (RISOL). The RISOL project cloned eight unique cytokines/growth factors, thanks to Dr. Lyman’s insight that cloned receptors could be used as tools to identify their unknown ligands. Subsequently Dr. Lyman chaired numerous projects at Immunex in signal transduction, molecular biology, and hematology/oncology.

Dr. Lyman has cloned several growth factors, including Ephrin B1 and human TSLP, and has identified ligands for CD7, CD44, and the c-
kit tyrosine kinase receptor. His most significant scientific accomplishment was cloning flt3 ligand, an early acting hematopoietic growth factor and key regulator of dendritic cell proliferation. After designing the clinical form of flt3 ligand, he helped lead flt3 ligand into clinical trials for stem cell mobilization and cancer immunotherapy.

In 1998, Dr. Lyman joined the Immunex Scientific Management Team as Director of Extramural Research, and for the next four years ran the largest extramural research program in the United States. His group managed more than 2500 research collaborations, shipping over 1000 distinct reagents to over 1000 scientific and industrial groups at institutions worldwide. He was also responsible for the initial review of all in-licensing opportunities. As Director, he developed an innovative system for timely collection, distribution, and storage of data from collaborators, and his emphasis on inspecting collaborators’ data for intellectual property opportunities significantly expanded Immunex’s patent portfolio.

Dr. Lyman holds
28 US patents and has authored or co-authored 129 scientific publications as well as numerous articles on collaboration topics and Op-Ed pieces on biotechnology issues. He has been invited to give presentations about cytokines and their receptors at numerous national and international meetings. He served on the scientific advisory board of Modern Drug Discovery magazine and is a member of the AAAS. He’s been a grant reviewer for the WA State Life Sciences Discovery Fund and the Harrington Discovery Institute as well as a screening committee member for the Technology Alliance in Seattle.

Dr. Lyman received his B.S. degree from the State University of New York at Albany and his Doctorate in Oncology from the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining Immunex he conducted postdoctoral research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA.