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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Autism in Dogs: People Embrace Conspiracy Theories, So Why Not Junk Science?

The headline in a recent NY Times article was both spellbinding and disturbing:

“No, Your Dog Can’t Get Autism From a Vaccine.”

Autism in dogs? Not a big concern of mine (or even a little one). The fact that someone chose to write about it tells us that some people have actually been worried about this. Is Google being inundated with queries about what autism spectrum disorders might look like in dogs? Maybe these folks developed concerns when their dogs started peeing or slobbering days or weeks after getting their rabies or Bordetella shots. Wait, isn’t that normal behavior for most dogs? Of course it is. What would the symptoms of autism look like in dogs, and how would you diagnose it? Loss of their stick-fetching and squirrel-chasing urges? No longer wanting to be petted? Ignoring that freshly cooked strip of bacon you lovingly placed in front of their noses?