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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Biopharma Haiku Round 5

This is my fifth published collection of biopharma haiku. You can access my previous collections on my Previous Op-Ed Articles page. I hope you enjoy them!

Elizabeth Holmes
Next nanotainer: prison
Crook, plain and simple

Holmes and Balwani
Deceitful duo facing
20 years hard time

No due diligence
Theranos fooled investors
Too good to be true

Novartis misled
Cohen contacts extensive
Paid for influence

ACA attack
Pre-existing conditions
Most of us have them

Republican plan
Take away their insurance
Condemn poor to die

AI will solve all
Kool-aid drinkers believe this
Delusional folks

FDA re-org
Cut headcount thirty percent?
Watch approvals drop

Novartis ditches market
Who will create them?

Big IPO surge
Biotechs inhaling money
Overvalued firms

China ambitions large
Major player in drug space?
Only time will tell

I-O explosion
Competition for patients
Bottleneck coming

Shkreli in prison
Smug jerk got big comeuppance
Who is laughing now?

CAR-T therapies
Good start, but much work ahead

Diabetes war
Oral GLP-1 drugs
The battle in on

Reefer rep rising
Cannabinoid approval
First from FDA

Ex-Puma exec
Insider trading jail term
Greed made him do it

Hype again beats facts
“Right to try” legislation
Bad news for patients

Merck and BMS
Locked up in mortal combat
I-O leadership

Aging research pact
Abbvie-Calico tie-up
Long road to new drugs

Celgene rep damaged
Former industry darling
Fallen on hard times

Roivant restructures
Success has been elusive
All “vant” all the time

Drug prices way too high
Trump promised to lower them
Sounds good, but more lies

Surrogate endpoints
Best way to track responses?
Real or illusion

Atul Gawande
Buffett, Dimon, and Bezos
Well-chosen leader

Liquid biopsy
How will it prove its value?
No false negatives

Sarepta results
Much better data this time
Can they save the boys?

Biotech deals soar
Too many to keep track of
Most will crash and burn

Another big trend
Personalized medicine
Prime time still years off

Cancer drug testing
Organ chips and organoids
Paint me skeptical

Rare disease drugs hot
Still command premium prices
Sky almost the limit

Opioid crisis
Blather, drivel, talk, twaddle
Solve problem instead

PARP inhibitors
Ovarian cancer drugs
Good news for patients

Alzheimer’s disease
Treatments still failing big time
Need new approaches

Have skin in the game
High-deductible health plan
Ensures crushing debt

ACA damaged
Medical bills piling up
Thank Republicans

HPV cancers
Incidence soaring in men
Vaccinate boys now

Gene therapy promising

Celgene hissy fit
Ozanimod fiasco
Receptos gets blame

CRISPR news update
Lawsuits overshadow all
Refocus science

3D cell printing
Capacity is expanding
Some day new organs

Home DNA tests
Results frequently are wrong
Consumer nightmare