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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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Biopharma Haiku Round 6

Stem cell purveyors
Most are simply scam artists
Sick, gullible fleeced.

Another tough year
Alzheimer’s trials revealed
More drugs that don’t work.

Great new drug combo data
Breakthrough is right word.

Prison time or fines?
Date set for Theranos trial
Get your bets down now.

Ebola treatments,
Vaccine, look quite promising
Deadly disease tamed!

Opioid crisis
Sackler family scorned now
Louvre removes name.

Biopharma soars
Big money flows like water
Many will lose shirts

New gene therapies.
Expensive! Cost effective?
Market will decide.

Battle rages on
Checkpoint inhibitors fight
Not all will survive.

CRISPR soldiers on
New patent lawsuits emerge
Lawyers getting rich.

Hope for cures rises
Good news for patients.

Drug combinations
Tested bigly in cancer
Most are doomed to fail.

Allergan bye-bye
Mohawk license plan backfired
Not clever enough.

Read “Bottles of Lies”
Substandard drugs exposed, blame
India pharma.

Ambrosia shuts down
Gave young blood to customers
Bad idea from start.

Least surprising news?
Scott Gottlieb signs with Pfizer
Swamp gets swampier.

M&A deals rule
Huge money rounds, IPOs
Coverage bores me.

NASH trials long road
Not easy to treat disease
Livers tough to fix.

Getting approved; who’s buying?
Branded drugs still rule.

Opioid sales drop
Will execs get prison time?
I’d love to see it.

Will drug prices be cut?
Trump threatens time and again
More mush from the wimp.

Come to the dark side
Become a drug lobbyist
Job security!

It’s hard to believe
Ignorant vaccine attacks
Lives in the balance.

Measles is spreading
Sickness and death will follow
MMR prevents!

Drug development
Takes decades, cash, smart people
A tough row to hoe.

Insulin saves lives
Easily obtainable?
Sadly not the case.

Mylan CEO
Greedy Epipen seller
Huge kiss-off payday.

Lower prices promised
Drug importation ahead?
We heard this before.

Behold Zolgemsa!
Most expensive drug on Earth
$2.1 million

Novartis troubles
Data manipulation
Their latest scandal.

Canadians mad
Looming US drug imports
Will hurt their supply.

Trump bulldog attack
ACA still under fire
Untold damage done