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Advice and Resources for the Biotech Industry

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BioPharma Haiku Round IV

This is my fourth collection of biopharma haiku. You can also follow these links to access my previous collections I, II, and III. I hope you enjoy them!

Medical update
Theranos now a zombie
Not dead or alive

Shkreli fraud trial
“Misunderstood genius” or
Liar, cheat, and thief?

FDA good news
“Yelp for drugs” will not happen
Moronic idea

Will McConnell find the votes?
When hell freezes over

Best Trump decision
Keep Collins at NIH
Widely respected

CAR-T therapy
BCMA data strong
Great news in MM

Amgen – Thousand Oaks
Law firm or drug company?
The debate rages on

Theranos lingers
Unicorn turns to sick frog
Investors sad, broke

Drug pricing reform
Trump talks big yet does nothing
Just another lie

Combo therapies
Embraced by biopharma
Some should work out well

Big unsolved problem:
Not going away

Drug prices sky high
Some curb yearly increases
Most not on board yet

EpiPen storm grows
Mylan ripped off Medicade
Pockets huge profits

New York fraud trial
Will Shkreli go to prison?
Wu Tang Clan laughing

Winning approval big time
Market share captured?

The March for Science
Accomplished what exactly?
Only time will tell

Get our drugs from Canada
Pocket big savings

Sweeping the nation
Opioid epidemic
How many will die?

Scott Gottlieb arrives
New FDA leadership
Expecting good things

An FDA first
Opana ER takedown
Move will help save lives

Slowly progressing
Personalized Medicine
Seen as a great hope

IPO window
Some biotechs sailed right through
Others crashed into

IO combos thrive
Keytruda and Opdivo
Hundreds of trials

Keytruda approved
Hits mutations, not organs
A new paradigm

Nobody knew that
Healthcare was complicated?
Wrong! Everyone knew!

Republicans push
BCRA disaster
Poor will lose healthcare

Cut off Medicaid?
Pre-existing conditions

Not hard to predict
Emergency rooms jam-packed
Where else will poor go?

CRISPR targeting
Does it hit off target sites?
No conclusions yet

Taken off market
First gene therapy was pulled
Just did not sell well

Big piles overseas money
Can pharma reclaim?

Alexion woes
Leadership swept out the door
Are problems fixed now?

Valeant troubles
Profits dropping, debt load high
Stockholder nightmare

Good news for patients
FDA approvals up
Banner year for drugs

New FDA chief
Pharma, BIO support him
Expectations high

Whopping healthcare costs
Drugs, PBMs, insurers
All must share the blame

What drives high prices?
Players take outsized profits
Greed drives costs upward

China biotech
Starting to show real progress
Red dragon rising

Generic drug costs
FDA speeds approval
Three will get it done

Moderna value
Fund managers wrote it down
Unicorn hit hard

Many skeptics think
Sarepta DMD drug
Simply placebo

Support very weak
Republican health care bill
Passage equals death

Doctors not aware
Overlapping surgeries
Puts patients at risk?

Cancer survivors
Helpful to share your stories
Gives hope to others