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BioPharmaceutical Haiku, Round Three

This is my third collection of biopharma-focused haiku. Click on the links to read
Round One and Round Two. Enjoy!

Poor Martin Shkreli
Most hated man in pharma
The dude screwed himself

If sent to prison
No chance to jack up drug prices
Or hear Wu-Tang Clan

Theranos movie
Nanotainers won’t be shown
Big business bloodbath

Ms. Holmes messed it up
Broken promises abound
Going under soon?

CRISPR origins
History is disputed
Nobel prize at stake

IPO window
Was open for quite some time
Sadly, closing now

They don’t always work out well
Expectations high

Battle lines now drawn
Big Pharma vs. insurers
Watch patients go broke

Patrick Soon-Shiong
Puts money where his mouth is
Will efforts succeed?

Stupid idea
Pols control drug approvals
Here comes the snake oil

WA state pols timid
Won’t help grow biopharma
Not competitive

Trump and Hillary
One supports lower drug prices
Other builds the wall

Surrogate markers
Widely used in the clinic
Are they trustworthy?

The cancer moonshot
Hype and promises flourish
Expectations raised

Viruses come, go
Now, it’s Zika all the time
Not Chikungunya

Cancer drugs main goal
To kick the can down the road
Cures are really hard

Genome sequencing
Now is very commonplace
Takes just a few cells

Ebola vaccines
Big Pharma steps up efforts
Can’t come soon enough

Sovaldi was good
Harvoni more effective
Epclusa tops both

J&J lawsuits
Risperdal marketing crimes
No shame, big verdicts

Now on the U.S. market
Will they reduce costs?

GOP makes pledge
Repeal Obamacare soon
Fate of those enrolled?

Hope raised through the roof
Muscular dystrophy boys
Shame drugs did not work

HPV virus
Causes dangerous cancers
Vaccinate your kids!

Malignant tumor
Bad news delivered badly
Docs must do better

Surprising success
Gene therapy for the eye
Many thought field dead

Subject: drug pricing
Political football now
Prices will not drop

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