Science Apps for the iPad and iPhone Primarily Aimed at High School Students

Graphing Calculator ($1.99) - For iPad; replaces your hand held graphing calculator

Molecule World
($3.99) - A great way to visualize the structures of many different biomolecules

Essential Skeleton 2
(free) - Great app for studying the human skeleton; many features

Nuclear (lite version free) - Build elements by adding protons and neutrons

(free) - Starting templates for drawing a number of different molecule classes

SpectrumView (free) - Uses the built in microphone in the iPad to generate color coded spectrograms of various sounds

BioFlowchartLite (free) - Creates flowcharts for illustrating biological concepts or experiments; results can be saved as pdf files and exported via email

BioLegend Lab Tools (free) - Collection of calculators that allow conversions useful for chemistry homework assignments - calculates molarity, temperature, and much more (iPad/iPhone)

Genetic Code (free) - Graphical representations of codons with links to information about the amino acids encoded

HudsonAlphaiCell (free) - Compare cells from different types of organisms, such as animals, plants, and bacteria (iPad/iPhone)

Brains and Nerves (free) - Descriptions of diseases that affect the nervous system, such as Huntingdon's disease

Molecules (free) - Allows for 3D renderings of molecules, which can be manipulated in space

Gene Screen (free) - Learn about recessive genetic traits and disorders

3D Brain (free) - Describes functional regions and structures in the brain in 3D; describes diseases associated with injury to these regions

3D Cell - (free) - Learn about the cell and all of the intracellular structures

Cell and Cell Structure ($2.99) - Information on different types of cells and animations of different cell types

MolView ($0.99) - Viewer of molecular structures that can be downloaded and then flipped, rotated, etc.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration ($6.99) - Explore all the elements in the periodic table

Periodic Table of the Elements (free) - Another way to view the elements and their properties

Skeletal 3D Anatomy ($0.99) - Teaches all about the 206 bones in the human body

Star Walk for iPad ($4.99) - Interactive astronomy guide

NASA (free) - Teaches you all about our solar system and more

iLab: Timer HD ($0.99) - Allows students to keep lab notes about experiments and get access to easy-to-use timers.

Seismograph ($0.99) - Measure any kind of vibration or shaking.

Xperica HD (free) - Conduct physics experiments without the equipment on this iPad app

SciFri BE (free) - Listen to Science Friday broadcasts on NPR whenever you want (iPad/iPhone)

DataAnalysis (free) - Useful tool for plotting out data, with tutorials and sample datasets (iPad)

Germ Blaster (free) - Game that introduces students to different pathogens and their treatments (iPad)

MathGraphics (free) - Transforms your iPad into a sophisticated graphing calculator (iPad)

CF GeneE (free) - Game created by Vertex Pharmaceuticals to teach about cystic fibrosis (iPad)

Khan Academy (free) - Huge video library educational videos (iPad/iPhone)

On Screen DNA Model ($3.99) - Illustrates structure of DNA in 3D (iPad)

On Screen Gene Transcription ($2.99) - Illustrates how genes are transcribed into mRNA in 3D (iPad)

Science Apps Primarily Meant For College Students, Graduate Students, and Beyond

Cell Culture (free) - Manual for culturing cells in vitro (iPad/iPhone)

Wolfram Genomics Reference ($3.99) - Math based tools for analyzing genomes (iPad/iPhone)

Aldrich Catalog of Fine Chemicals (free) - A catalog as well as periodic table, physical constants, etc. (iPad)

Array of Genetic Tools (free) - PCR conditions, Tm calculator, calculate concentrations, and reference section (iPad/iPhone)

Lab Guru
(free) - Companion app to the web application, for keeping track of experiments

iProtein (free) - Proteomic resources linked to Eidogen-Sertanty's Target Informatics Platform (TIP) (iPad/iPhone)

Genome Wowser (free) - Allows you to browse human and other genomes (iPad)

Genome Pad (free) - A mobile genome browser for exploring the genome gene by gene

Cognitive Consilence (free) - Integrated overview of neurological pathways (iPad/iPhone)

GeneWallet ($1.99) - Access a variety of information on human genes, with info on chromosome location, gene structure, and citations to the literature (iPhone)

BioOncology HD (free) - Built by Genentech, provides information on clinical trials in oncology

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