On April 29, 2014 the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association and the Technology Alliance co-hosted
Transforming Healthcare Through IT: Investment Opportunities in an Emerging Sector. The companies identified through this initiative were captured in one Figure that was put together by point b capital. A second,expanded iteration of this Figure was later assembled. I’ve transformed the information in that Figure into the alphabetical list below that gives a brief description of what each company works on and links to their websites.

2Morrow – Mobile behavior changing app for quitting smoking
6igma - Security for healthcare IT systems
ActX – Genetic analysis and genomics to personalize patient care
Amplify Health – Improving primary healthcare practices via cloud-based tools
Arevo Health – Software that enables companies to manage their healthcare costs
Arivale - Wellness company designed to build on the ISB's 100K genome sequencing project
Armus – Makes a patient-centric clinical information management system
Array Health - Powers the best health insurance e-commerce experience for consumers, employers and insurers
Avado – Developer of cloud-based patient relationship management (PRM) tools and technologies that enable better communication between consumers and health care professionals, acquired by WebMD in Oct. 2013
Avnew Health – Screening program for monitoring joint pain and osteoarthritis
Blueprint Clinical – Acquired by BioClinica on June 16, 2014
Bright.md – Builds software that cuts the cost of healthcare visits by up to 80%
Cadence Biomedical – Makes Kickstart walking system for those working to regain their ability to walk
CadenceMD - Improving office profitability and patient experience by optimizing patient flow
CareCap - Affordable payment plans. Pay for the services you need, on your terms
Carena – Next generation of telemedicine via a virtual clinic
Carezone – Website for storing family information securely in the cloud
CheckInMd - Lets patients check in from anywhere
Clario Medical – Streamlining radiology workflow
Clarity Health- Provides a complete insurance authorization and referral management solution for practices, hospitals, health systems, and healthcare technology partner (part of SCI Solutions)
Clinq.ly - Allows hospitals and clinics to better serve their patients, giving them autonomy over their appointments and clinical visits
Corengi - Find type 2 diabetes trials near you (out of business?)
DATSTAT – Data analysis to enhance relationships with patients
Deep Domain – Analytic software for electronic health records
DesAcc – Data migration software that works on many formats of medical records
Dochelp Inc - Helps you find a better doctor
Every Move – Fitness tracking application that monitors your exercise
FD Cares - Optimizes fire department Non-Emergency Medical Services to meet the needs of communities and partnering healthcare organizations
Flateez - Simplifying patient navigation across the continuum of care
Flipcent - Enabling consumer choices for healthcare coverage
Flexminder - Automates insurance claims and auto substantiates challenged debit card transactions and one click reimbursements
Genelex - Pharmacogenetics analysis for correctly calculating drug doses
Guide Analytics - Heart failure home monitoring service (appears to have gone out of business)
Habit Design - Training using neuroscience to create new habits
hCadence - The leading provider of mobile apps for healthcare organizations
HealthSlate - A mobile telehealth service that delivers break-through results on chronic diseases for health systems and health plans
HeathSparq - Provides healthcare shopping tools
Health Unity - Partners with healthcare organizations in their journey of business model transformation through modular, scalable and affordable, enterprise software solutions
Healthy Beeps - Helps you find the medical device / digital health product that suits your needs.
HomeStretch – Exercise program for fall prevention of older adults
H Source - A private marketplace for hospitals and surgery centers to buy and sell medical products and equipment with each other.
KenSci - UW spinout that enables chronic condition care management by augmenting domain knowledge with machine learning
Kodu Care - Bringing success management to mental health
LabKey Software - Innovation partners for accelerating biomedical discovery
LabSprint - Improving clinical workflows with mobile technologies
LeaveLogic - Employees navigate benefit, family choices, and manager discussions in one place
Limeade – Corporate wellness programs
Litesprite - Combines proven medical treatments with the joy of games, thereby building experiences that improves peoples health
Health123 – Individualized guide for improving your health via a series of small changes
Healtho - App of pharmacist curated treatments for over 40 medical problems
Machaon - Independent medical exam, independent medical evaluations
MD Clarity - A Software-as-a-Service solution that replaces manual, labor-intensive, and frustrating analysis with automated reporting, one-click eligibility lookups, managed payer agreement data, and fully-integrated quote building
Medintellibase - Cloud and mobile intelligence services satisfy the highly specialized information collection and reporting needs of medical life sciences executives
MedaNext – Offers mobile health care via a Health coach and a “Health Path”
MendGroup - Focused on creating the foundation for a complete cycle of care at the point of access
MiddleGate – Analytics platform that looks for fraud in hospital and healthcare records
Mindbloom – A mobile health company that was acquired by Welltok, a health optimization company, in March 2014
Mpirica - The MPIRICA Quality Score represents an accurate, apples-to-apples comparison of medical providers at the surgical procedure level
MultiModal Health - Provides a platform that helps patients stay motivated and understand progress during arm and hand rehab
OKCopay - See cash prices for doctors and dentists near you.
OTB Solutions - Healthcare service provider for navigating clinical trials
Owl Outcomes - enhances clinical wisdom by facilitating the use of science-based assessment data and best practice standards.
PatientStream - Provides a cloud-based healthcare operations decision support and communication automation system (still in business???)
PIA (Precision Image Analysis) – Outsourcer of cardiovascular image analysis and post processing
Profusa – San Francisco based company that makes tissue-integrated sensors for diabetes management
PathForce – Cloud based approach to enabling collaboration between pathologists viewing slides
PatientStream - Provided cloud-based healthcare operations decision support and communication automation OUT OF BUSINESS
Pillsy - A smart connected pouch and app that enables women to take their birth control pills more effectively
Qliance - A network of clinics providing comprehensive primary and preventive care for a flat monthly fee
Rejuvenly - Sleep assessment software to guide you to a better nights sleep
Revity -Really easy patient billing
Salient Works LLC - Principal is Tomasz Ostwald from Kirkland WA; (not clear if still in business)
Samepage Health- Creates evidence-based solutions for improving patient engagement and behavior change in healthcare settings.
Sandy Clock - Cloud based event management system
SayKara - Re-imagining physician interactions with technology
Senosis - Cell phone app that collects specific health metrics, bought by Google Aug. 2017
Sensoria Fitness - Wearable socks with sensors that tell the runner if they are using proper form
SomnuTech - Helps people be their best and function at their highest levels through better sleep health
Talaria Inc – Out of business as of July 1, 2014 (products donated to the U. of Washington)
ThruHealth, LLC - Revolutionizing health management by fulfilling provider and employer initiatives through appealing to consumer interests and motivations in a whole new way using Thruvid, a video database of supportive information
TransformativeMed – Makes smart heath apps that integrate with electronic medical records
Trialomics - Provides Nucleus BaaS, a powerful backend for digital health and connected device startups that's simpler to implement, more cost effective, and free of long-term constraints
Twistle – Allows direct messaging from within electronic health records, desktop, and mobile devices
Type2companion.com – Mobile app for monitoring diabetes patients
Valant Medical Solutions - Electronic medical record and e-billing for behavioral healthcare practices
Vera Whole Health – Healthcare management of your organization via onsite health clinics
Vuemed - Software as a Service (SaaS) inventory management and data solutions work as a coordinated suite of tools to track and document the usage of medical products, devices and supplies in real time
Vimocity - Helps reduce sprains and strains on desk bound workers
Vizua - 3D visualization services platform
Wellpepper - Enables healthcare professionals to create custom treatment plans that patients follow on their mobile devices

Two other Seattle resources, which don’t fit so easily into the other categories on my Website: Cambia Grove, which is a community space in Seattle for health care innovation, and Primary Care Innovations, which is a program at the U. of Washington that helps with the “design, development, testing and implementation of new technologies and innovations in primary care.”

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