I have assembled an updated list of Pacific Northwest (mostly Puget Sound) medical device, diagnostics, service provider, and technology companies for the benefit of the local medical and biotechnology community. Also included here are companies headquartered elsewhere, but with research or manufacturing groups in our area. Publicly traded companies are in Bold. Hyperlinks will take you to the company Websites; no hyperlink means no Website. Please e-mail me any corrections or updates.

Most of the companies listed here are headquartered in the Puget Sound region, although the list also includes other WA State companies and a few in OR and Vancouver, BC.

Absci - Protein production technologies designed to lower costs (in Vancouver, WA)
Accium Biosciences - Provider of accelerator mass spec services
Adaptive Biotechnologies - Focus on T-cell diversity, adaptive immune response profiling
Advanced Imaging Technologies - Dense breast imaging
Advanced Medical Isotope Corp - Kennewick based medical isotopes
Alpha-Tec - Products for mycobacteriology and parasitology labs
Amplicon Express - Provider of DNA libraries and services
Aortica - Using 3D printers to assist in aortic aneurysm repair
Aqueduct Neurosciences - New shunt for treating hydrocephalus
Aseptica, Inc. - Develops treatments for biofilms
Astarte Biologics - Provides cells, antigens for immune research
Asemblon - Makes chemicals that self-assemble
BEAM by OneMedNet - Medical image transfer network
Beryllium Discovery - Drug discovery service provider (formerly Emerald BioStructures)
Biocellion – Enables scientists to model complex biological systems on a supercomputer
BioLife Solutions - Hypothermic and cryopreservative media
Biomoles - Develops research reagents and diagnostic devices
Bio Research Labs - Provider of laboratory services for industry
Blood Cell Storage - Blood bank products for monitoring platelets
Cadence Biomedical - Developing technology to facilitate mobility
Cancer Targeted Technology - Agents for cancer detection
Cardiac Dimensions - Device for treating congestive heart failure
Cardiac Insight - Surgical and medical instruments
Cenorin - Infection control and waste stream management
Cerevast Therapeutics - Sonolysis for vascular thrombus disorder
CircMedTech - Low tech device and methodology for safe circumcisions
Clario Medical Imaging - Software for radiologists
CoAptus Medical - Device to treat a patent foramen ovale
CompleGen - Functional genetics for drug discovery
Corengi - Helps patients find clinical trial options for type 2 diabetes
Cyrus Biotechnology - Developing new proteins via computational design, focusing on fluorescent tools and diagnostics
dBMEDx Inc - 3D diagnostic ultrasound company
DiagnosTechs Inc - Saliva based testing
Discovery Biosciences - Biotech service provider and consulting
DNA Guide - Dynamic visual maps of genomic data in CA
EclecTec Innovations LLC - Urinary leg bag emptying system
Ekos - Medical devices using microsonic technologies being purchased by British company BTG for $180M (5/24/13)
Enject - GlucaPen for severe hypoglycemia
Enodar Biologic - Software products to validate biological data
Endogastric Solutions - Reconstructive intragastric surgery
Focused Scientific Inc - Newcastle based company, unknown focus
Esterline - Medical device control systems in Coeur d’Alene
Genelex - DNA testing and analysis provider
Genimbi – Digitizing the cancer “mutome” to enable doctors to make actionable clinical decisions in cancer treatment
GenomeDx Biosciences - Analysis of personal genomes info
Geospiza – Makes software that facilitates microarray and next generation sequencing analysis as well as laboratory operations [division of PerkinElmer]
Glencoe - Software allows you to view, share, and access life science images and data
Halosource - Clean water and anti-microbial technologies
Healionics - Biomaterial scaffolds to facilitate healing
Heapsylon LLC - Wearable sensors in clothing to detect problems
Hyprotek - Manufactures surgical and medical instruments
ID Genomics - Nucleotide sequence-based molecular diagnostics and epidemiological analysis of microbial pathogens.
ImmuneXpress - Discovery and validation of clinical biomarkers for sepsis
Impel Neuropharma - Device direct "nose to brain" drug transport
In Bios International - Diagnostics for infectious diseases
Insilicos - Pattern recognition software for biomarker analysis
Integrated Diagnostics - Cancer detection via blood proteins
IOPI Medical LLC - Medical devices used for dysphagia assessment and treatment.
IsoRay - Makes radioactive isotopes for cancer therapy
Iverson Genetics - Genetic tests for specific drug metabolism
JeNuBiosciences - Ultrasound based skin care devices
JumpStart CSR - Analytics and tools that aggregate biometric data from wearable devices
Kamiya Biomedical - Supplier of lab research tools and diagnostics
KitoTech Medical - Developing chitin microneedles for wound healing
Kona Medical - Ultrasound-based platform enables non-invasive imaging, targeting, tracking, and treatment of soft tissue
Kurve Technology - Nasal drug delivery device
LabKey Software - Custom informatics solutions for translational research
Lifespan Biosciences - Antibody and contract research services
Lightscan Technologies - Ultra thin flexible endoscopes
Lionsgate Technologies - Makes mobile phone oximeters
Lodespin Labs - Developing new iron oxide nanoparticles for medical imaging
Lucent Medical Systems - Tracking of devices inside the body via magnets
Magnolia Medical Technologies - Training on blood culture techniques
Medamonitor – Developing a personal portable handheld device that measures the body's state of ketosis or "fat burning" through exhaled breath
MedDEV - Focused on developing treatments for CNS disorders
Mercury Medical Technologies - Incubator for medical device companies
MetapHoresis - Focused on advances in separation technology
Micronics - in vitro diagnostic products based on microfluidics
Mimic Technologies - Training and software for the da Vinci surgical robot
Myotronics - makes neuromuscular dentistry devices
Mirabilis Medica - Focused ultrasound technology for fibroids
Mirador Biomedical - Digital blood pressure sensor for catheters
Mobisante - Ultrasound system based on cell phones, cloud computing
NanoQuantum - Works on photodynamic nanoparticles
Nativis, Inc. - Records magnetic fields surrounding drugs
Navisonics - Startup; no info available
NeuMedics - Focused on the development of therapies to treat Diabetic Macular Edema and related inflammatory conditions
Nexgenia - Makes smart polymers for use in diagnostics and other products
Neurovista - Medical device technologies to treat epilepsy
Nanostring Technologies - Uses digital barcoding technologies for analyzing gene expression data, microarray analysis, and copy number detection. Makes breast cancer diagnostic as well.
Nortis Inc. - Tissue-engineered alternatives to animal testing
Nova TheraNostics - Lipid nanoparticle carrier technology for MRI contrast agent development
Novion Technologies - Topical antimicrobial formulation development and medical device infection prevention and control (Spokane)
nwbiotrust - Provider of annotated research biospecimens that are available for research projects
Oasis Diagnostics - Oral fluid diagnostic solutions in Vancouver, BC
Onconome (was Tessara) - In vitro diagnostics using biomarkers
Ondine Research - Vancouver CA based anti-infective therapies
Otometrix Medical Technologies - Ultrasound device to rapidly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections
Pacific Biomarkers, Inc - Diagnostic product development
Pacific Nanoscience - Working on a handheld point of care (POC) diagnostic product for the detection of key biomarkers (focused on troponin)
Paw Print Genetics - Genetic testing service for dogs in Spokane
PETX LLC - Combines PET imaging with X-ray mammography
PharmaIn - Copolymer drug delivery platform technology
Phenopath Laboratories PLLC - Pathology reference lab and diagnostics
Philips Medical Systems Inc. - Bothell branch of multinational
Photonic Biosystems - Opto-electronic detection systems
Physio-Control - Returns to being an independent company in 2011, makes cardiac defibrillators
PhysioSonics - Ultrasound based neuromonitor technology
Pregenen - Makes synthetic enzymes for genome editing applications.
Presage Therapeutics - Screen cancer drugs in vivo for efficacy
Prevencio - Heart and stroke biomarker assays
Pulsar Vascular - Minimally invasive devices for neuro-interventional procedures
RareCyte - Innovative fluorescent imaging technologies to find and identify rare cells in the blood
REDCap - Secure web application designed to support data capture for research studies
Resolution Biosciences - NGS to detect tumors via circulating DNA in the blood
RF Surgical Systems - Uses RFI to detect surgical items left in patients
RTneuro – Makes biosensors that provide continuous monitoring by uploading data to the cloud.
Ricerca Biosciences - Drug discovery service provider, Bothell branch
Rosetta@cloud - Cloud-based pay-per-use molecular modeling and related services
RS Medical - Home electrotherapy products in Vancouver, WA
QuantumCor - Mitral valve repair using RF energy
Quantum NW - Makes temperature controlled cuvette holders
Schrodinger - Developing software for computational drug design
Seattle Sensor Systems - Portable sensor for detecting toxic agents
SEngine Precision Medicine - Diagnostic tests to determine which drugs might be best used against each particular cancer sample e.g. personalized medicine approach
Sensor Medical Technologies - Oohthalmic products that minimize the risk of disease transmission
Shift Labs - Develops simple medical devices for humans and animals
Shockmetrics – Developing a technology that tells doctors when a patient is going into shock
Siemens Healthcare - Makes ultrasound devices, branch in Issaquah, WA
Silene Biotech - Freezes and stores white blood cells for future use
Silere Medical Technology - Working on tinnitus suppression
Sinuwave - BC based photodisinfection technology for sinustius made by Ondine
Sonosite - Makers of portable, point of care ultrasound devices
Spacelabs Healthcare - Develops medical devices; HQ in Snoqualmie, WA
Spencer Technologies - Ultrasound equipment maker
Spiral Genetics - Uses “anchored assembly” approach to accurately detect genomic alterations within cells
SRS Medical - Makes urodiagnostic devices for pelvic health
Stasys Medical - Technology to diagnose a blood disorder in trauma patients
STB Ltd - Unknown business focus
StratoScientific - Turns smartphones into stethoscopes
Stratos Genomics - DNA sequencing technologies
Targeted Growth - Agricultural biotech to enhance yields
Teranode - Productivity software for scientists
Unigen - Bioactive natural products supplier and developer in Lacey, WA
Uptake Medical - Medical device company, lung disease function
Vadiswire Corp - Guidewire system for placing catheters
VentriPoint Diagnostics - Technology to create 3-D images of the heart
Verathon - Medical device manufacturer HQ in Bothell, the company was acquired by Roper in November 2009
VerAvanti - Working on endoluminal optical imaging
Viket Medical - Device for suctioning blood clots out of the brain
Vizua – Developing 3D visualization tools for medical imaging and other uses
Voxa - Desktop electron microscopy
VP Diagnostics - Plaque analysis software for vessel wall imaging
Xactagen - Reporter cell technology to improve drug discovery
X2 Biosystems - Concussion software to prevent traumatic brain injury
XL Sci-Tech - Microsphere company in Richland, WA
Yecuris - Provides human hepatocytes for drug discovery; in Portland

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